Bay Area Tibetan Buddhism

Bay Area Tibetan Buddhism


Jigme Tronge Rinpoche, Lion-Faced Dakini Retreat, 2016-09-02/04

Ksitigarbha Festival Day, Soquel, 2016-09-04

Ayang Rinpoche, Amitabha Empowerment, Phowa Teaching, San Jose, 2016-09-09

Gratitude Party & Retirement Celebration, Richmond, 2016-09-20

Ekabhu, Mandalas of the Tantric Tradition, Berkeley, 2016-09-12

Tenzin Namsel, Working Skillfully with Emotions Through Letting Be, Campbell, 2016-09-16

Khensur Ngawang Jorden Rinpoche, Chenrizig Empowerment, Song of Four Mindfulnesses, Richmond, 2016-09-24

Buddhist View of Grief & Loss, Film: Taking Grief on the Path, Alameda,2016-09-25

Saving Mes Aynak, Movie, SF, 2016-10-05

Nechung Rinpoche, Maha Guru Bhumtsok, Richmond, 2016-10-09/16


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